Mechanic with a disability
A Dressmaker - Typist
Tailor - Photographer?

Or perhaps you are a person with a disability whose recreational pursuit is cooking, painting, or floral arrangement?



Abilympics West Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to demonstrate their abilities.

Abilympics West Australia works to improve employment opportunities and raise the self esteem of people with disabilities.

Abilympics West Australia encourages people with disabilities to take part in an active and constructive way by improving their vocational skills.

Abilympics WA is our State's representative for the International Abilympics and was a prime driver for activating Abilympics bodies across the other Australian states.

Still a major Australian representative, Abilympics WA continues to be active in organizing and fund-raising so Australia can be represented in the regular International Abilympics.

About Abilympics

On A World Stage

The first International Abilympics was held in Japan in 1981. The competition has then gone from strength to strength, increasing its world profile and relevance.

Abilympics takes workskills competition to an international level where the quality of the finished work is the only item judged.

With events held in Asia, Europe, South America and Australia this competition provides a world stage to not only showcase the quality of workskills but to also give talks, assistive technology demonstrations and other programs related to disability issues.

Abilympics WA hosted the 1995 event in Perth, allowing a large field of local competitors to attend. The 1995 Abilympics also brought world attention to our beautiful city.

Future Events

The 9th International Abilympics will be held in Bordeaux, France in March 2016.

Abilympics WA would like to invite expressions of interest from people with disabilities who would like to compete in this event. If more than two people express interest in any one category we will ask judges from TAFE to judge the two best competitors, as only two people are permitted to compete from any one country in each category. It is hoped that a large team of potential medal winners will participate

We take a team of health professionals who are able to assist in activities of daily living. Health professionals include a physiotherapist, nurses and several people who will assist with transfers etc as required.

Abilympics West Australia Association Inc greatly financially assist participants although we do undertake some fundraising and expect participants to meet their own passport and insurance costs. Most meals are provided at the venue and breakfasts are included with hotel fees which are met by Abilympics. The amount of spending money is up to the individual and self funded.

Please see the list of proposed categories below and contact us by email or phone to register your interest:


CAD Architecture

CAD Machinery


Wood Carving

Electrical Installation

Architectural Stonemasonry

Furniture Upholstering

Painting Decorations

Furniture Making

Applied Services:

Photography : Studio and Outdoors

Floral Arrangement

Dress Making


Jewelry Making


Leather Making

Dental Techniques

Watch Repair (making)

Optometry (eyeglass repair)

Basket Making

Information Technologies and Communications:

Computer Assembly

Word Processing

Poster Design

Web Design

Systems Administration

Data Processing

Food Services:


Pastry & Decorating

Restaurant Service


Bicycle Assembly

Automobile Mechanics

Motorcycle Mechanics

Aeronautical Mechanics (demonstration)



Leisure and Living Skills Contests:

Art Painting

Hand Knitting



Waste Management



Our Stories

The Abilympics isn't just about competition, it brings attention to the quality of work offered by persons with disabilities. Preparing, participation and the challenges involved gives our competitors a constructive way to improve their vocational skills. This is a benefit that lasts forever, confirming their active role in society.

Our Stories lets you know of some of the ways that Abilympics WA has touched people's lives.

Our Friends

Only through the efforts of our friends can Abilympics continue to do the great work it has been achieving so far.

Our dedicated committee members and donations of the generous WA public have enabled Abilympics WA to fulfil its mission. A heart-felt thank you goes out to all.

Getting Involved, Giving a Hand

You are needed, will you step up?

Abilympics WA invites potential Competitors and Donors to help our worthy association continue doing such a wonderful job.

Please follow the link above to find out how to get involved.

Also, here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions that will quickly let you know how Abilympics works.

This website was created and donated by Richard Fisher (the grandson of John Fisher) as a tribute to the memory of his grandfather.

Abilympics WA expresses its appreciation to Richard and our delight with this new website.

Richard Higgins
President Abilympics WA